What’s wrong with growing old? (Part 2)

Growing up I dreaded getting old!
It all stemmed from the idea that getting old meant I would become demented and frail.
At a young age, my grandma told me over and over again that she was old – she was only 50 years old.
Please know, my loving grandma appeared healthy and fit at that time, however, as time progressed she stopped taking proper care of herself. She stopped eating properly and dropped her exercise routine at the local JCC.
Soon after, she unfortunately developed dementia and became very weak. It was difficult for me to witness, as I noticed she began to give up more and more in the following weeks after her diagnosis. It seemed as if she was spending more of her time and energy visiting different doctors and taking a plethora of different medications.
Looking back, I wish she took better care of herself in the process of her medical treatment. As I currently approach that age, I realize that does not have to be my fate. I have made the concrete decision to dedicate myself…

What’s wrong with growing old? (Part 1)

If you continue to live, you will get older, but we all define aging differently.

For some it’s doing everything they can to look young from dying their hair, injecting their skin, getting a tummy tuck or face lift, to even acting hip (sometimes it can be embarrassing – haha!). For others, it’s letting everything show - the wrinkles, the white hair, the effects of gravity and a sedentary life (muffin tops and protruding bellies – you name it).

For others, it may be somewhere in between.

I have heard many of my patients, including my father, tell me to never get old. If what people are referring to old by is getting weak, frail and demented - I completely agree with them. But what if this means getting stronger, wiser, more resilient and self-determined?

Of course, there are things I miss about my youth including my ability to sleep soundly and fall asleep at the drop of a hat, not to mention being admired for my youthful beauty.

But as I get older, I’m finding myself looking forward t…


It’s never easy when you feel like a victim. It may come from a breakup or something as horrific as a violent crime or tragedy.
You have every right to your feelings (including sadness and despair), but what if you added empowerment. What other meaning can you take from what happened and do something good with it.
Here’s some examples of people who chose to fight back and include joy with their sorrow.
One generous loving family, started #Gidi'sKindnessProject. Their youngest son was killed in a boating accident. At almost 5 years old, he touched so many lives with his vibrant smile and his beautiful outlook on the world. He loved color and to make things sparkle. He was a true gift – now an angel shining his light from heaven.
Gidi's Kindness Project is doing random acts of kindness, sort of like the movie “Pay It Forward”. The Hebrew word for this is “tikun olam” or repairing the world. Help others and in the process, you get healed.
In Gidi’s honor numerous donations ha…
4 Steps to a Better You
“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life or you can focus on what’s right” – Marianne Williamson (and that can make all the difference!)
I have done all the things I am about to share. I believe many of these unhealthy habits led to my getting sick. Can you relate to any of them? 
Overcoming addiction 1.I have an addiction to TV (especially when I’m stressed). I can watch for hours and tune everything else out. (Interestingly the average American watches 5 hours of TV a day, so I guess I’m not alone). The problem was that I was not getting my work done. Heading to bed late and waking up early only made me more tired and frustrated (leading me to watch more episodes of Friends or the latest Netflix series).
My feelings of guilt over not writing my book (on the benefits of laughter) because I was too busy engrossed in a TV show, did not help.
What I did to overcome this Changed my vocabulary from “I have to” (go to…
Can You Reverse Arthritis Naturally?
My Story No one told me there was an alternative to surgery. I hurt bad and my doctor recommended immediate surgery. In fact, without even consulting me, he told his MA to schedule surgery for me early the following week.
I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my neck with bulging discs (no car accidents or specific trauma). Baffled and then crushed when the neurosurgeon told me I would never run again. Not words an avid runner wants to hear.
Running was my life. It’s where I met my friends, where I could burn off all of the calories I ate, and also where I let go of stress. I could always just ‘run it off!’
After this diagnosis, I had to stop running because every time I ran it hurt. My arm went numb and felt heavy. One place I found respite was in the swimming pool. There I could run without any pain (check out pool running).
My doctors did their best, but all they could do was recommend prescription pain medicines which tore up my stomach (from the anti…
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My name is Dr. Tanya Gold, MD. I am board-certified in both family medicine and holistic medicine. I earned my medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and did my Family Medicine Residency in Galveston, Texas. I have been in practice since 2003 and opened my own integrative medical practice, Dr. Gold’s Optimal Living Institute, aka D’Goli in 2014.
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I was tired of rushing patients through a visit and treating their symptoms primarily with drugs. Realizing most headaches are NOT due to Tylenol deficiency, I wanted to find out the root cause of their ailments, and get patients well long term. This was challenging, in a busy traditional medical office. Now I have the time to spend with my patients, and hear their stories without thinking whether another patient is waiting, because I get to make the schedule.
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As an integrative physician, I have not abandoned traditional medicine. Quite the opposite, I have added t…