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It’s never easy when you feel like a victim. It may come from a breakup or something as horrific as a violent crime or tragedy.
You have every right to your feelings (including sadness and despair), but what if you added empowerment. What other meaning can you take from what happened and do something good with it.
Here’s some examples of people who chose to fight back and include joy with their sorrow.
One generous loving family, started #Gidi'sKindnessProject. Their youngest son was killed in a boating accident. At almost 5 years old, he touched so many lives with his vibrant smile and his beautiful outlook on the world. He loved color and to make things sparkle. He was a true gift – now an angel shining his light from heaven.
Gidi's Kindness Project is doing random acts of kindness, sort of like the movie “Pay It Forward”. The Hebrew word for this is “tikun olam” or repairing the world. Help others and in the process, you get healed.
In Gidi’s honor numerous donations ha…