Can You Reverse Arthritis Naturally?

My Story
No one told me there was an alternative to surgery. I hurt bad and my doctor
recommended immediate surgery. In fact, without even consulting me, he told his MA to schedule surgery for me early the following week.

I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my neck with bulging discs (no car
accidents or specific trauma). Baffled and then crushed when the neurosurgeon told me I would never run again. Not words an avid runner wants to hear.

Running was my life. It’s where I met my friends, where I could burn off all of the
calories I ate, and also where I let go of stress. I could always just ‘run it

After this diagnosis, I had to stop running because every time I ran it hurt. My arm went numb and felt heavy. One place I found respite was in the swimming pool. There I could run without any pain (check out pool running).

My doctors did their best, but all they could do was recommend prescription pain medicines which tore up my stomach (from the anti-inflammatories i.e. ibuprofen, aleve), caused huge weight gain (from the steroids, a common side effect) and extreme drowsiness (from the narcotics). Some of these meds did help ease the pain, but I became so drowsy I couldn’t function well and work.

These meds were band-aids, but neither them nor surgery would treat the underlying cause, and make my muscles and bones stronger. The surgery would likely offer me more surgery down the road, and blocking these pain signals (with meds) impaired my own body’s ability to heal itself (because the pain is there for a reason; it signals the body to act). 

I prayed and I remember going for a walk one day, asking God to help me. Earlier that day I shredded my pants - they tore as I tried to zip them up. I could only fit my husband‘s much larger pants. Then a patient congratulated me and asked me how far along I was. Not pregnant, but extremely embarrassed, I just smiled and said thank you.

What to do
I knew I needed a natural treatment plan for my pain and a way to exercise, so I did not continue to balloon up.

My Natural Protocol (described in detail at our Back Pain workshop)

1. Tens unit - electrical pads that decrease pain sensation
2. Magnesium oxide - natural muscle relaxer
3. Tumeric (Curcumin) - natural anti-inflammatory with black pepper or phospholipids to help absorption.
4. Water (adequate hydration) - dehydration can lead to muscle spasms. Adequate water on the other hand can relax muscles and increase blood flow (as our muscles are mostly water (80%) and so is our blood).
5. Relaxation techniques including therapeutic laughter
6. Vitamin D 2,000 iu/d (or dose higher if level <60) + K2 100 iu/d to strengthen
7. Physical therapy & pool exercises
8. Chiropractor (gentle traction, activator, gentle manipulation).

It worked. Diligent physical therapy helped strengthen my muscles. Supplements and the tens unit eased my pain, and so did hearty laughter. I began to live on purpose, staying around people I cared for, doing things I loved, including getting people well.

The pain occurred for about a year beginning in 2007. Since that time I have
recovered. My neck is fully functional without major pain or surgery. I can run and have even competed in several triathlons and road races (as depicted above finishing 5 miles at a Turkey Trot in Columbus, Ohio).

My current chiropractor (Dr. Sosa at Westchase chiropractic) says my neck is improving, returning to a normal neck. I still do my stretches, although I’ve become more slack (at times) as I felt better.

KNOW YOUR BODY CAN HEAL (it’s an amazing gift)!

I now call my neck pain ‘Charlene’ and when she ever tries to come for a visit, I
remind her how much fun she’s having on her cruise. She’s kept her distance! 😊


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